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If you aspire to study at a university in Germany, you need a degree equivalent to the German Abitur. If you do not possess a degree (and you can check this yourself directly via the anabin online service), you must successfully pass the Feststellungsprüfung (assessment test).

Our Studienkolleg


Our private Studienkolleg offers you the opportunity to prepare yourself linguistically, intellectually, and systematically for the Feststellungsprüfung and your studies. You will expand your knowledge of German and get acquainted with different forms of learning. For 36 weeks, 30 hours per week, our competent and dedicated lecturers will work with you to bring you up to the university level and give you the best possible start to your studies.

We are happy to offer you accommodation for your personal needs.



Start in 06 May 2024 / 07 October 2024

Duration: 36 weeks at 30 hours per week.



  • Curriculum vitae in table form
  • Copy of high school diploma (translated into German or English)
  • Proof of knowledge of German (level B2)


The Feststellungsprüfung is a state examination that shows whether you can start studying at a German university. Individuals who pass the FSP are entitled to look at all universities throughout Germany. The exam consists of a written and an oral part. Your testing depends on the focus of your chosen course of study.

M: for medical, biological, and pharmaceutical courses of study such as: Medicine, pharmacy, biology, agricultural science, forestry, sports science

T: for mathematical, scientific, or technical majors such as: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geology, Geoecology, Computer Science, Information Management, Food Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Mineralogy, Physics, Technical Biology, Technomathematics, Surveying, Economics and Business Administration (technically oriented), Business Mathematics, Industrial Engineering, Business Informatics (alternatively W-course)

W: for business and social science courses such as: Business Administration, Economics, Business Education, Administrative Science

G: for humanities courses such as: German studies, history, cultural studies, philosophy, communication studies, languages, and arts courses (e.g. art or musicology)

S: for language studies: Studies in linguistics (except German Studies), history (alternatively G-course), law, social sciences (both alternatively W-course), and related studies

It is best to attend a Studienkolleg to successfully pass the Feststellungsprüfung, ideally preparing you for the exam and the studies that follow. As a rule, attendance at a Studienkolleg lasts up to one year. You will be taught various subjects during this time, depending on the focus course you have chosen. Your attendance at the Studienkolleg ends with the Feststellungsprüfung (assessment test), which you take internally at state Studienkollegs or as an external participant after attending a private school Studienkolleg.

Apart from the semester fees, state Studienkollegs do not charge further costs, but applicants must pass an entrance examination in advance due to the limited number of places. Private Studienkollegs, on the other hand, charge fees, but future students do not have to take an entrance exam.

Our course offer:

You can attend the following focus courses with us:



In the T-Course, which prepares students for technical, mathematical and scientific courses, we teach the following subjects:

  • German 8 hours
  • Mathematics 8 hours
  • Physics 8 hours
  • Chemistry 4 hours
  • English 2 hours (flexible)


We teach the following subjects in the M-Course; designed for those who want to apply to medical and biological programs:

  • German 8 hours
  • Biology 8 hours
  • Physics 8 hours
  • Chemistry 4 hours
  • Mathematics 2 hours


The W-Course is for those who are interested in studying in the fields of economics and social sciences. The following subjects prepare you for this:

  • German 8 hours
  • Business studies 8 hours
  • Economics 8 hours
  • Mathematics 4 hours
  • English 2 hours


The S-course is for all those who are interested in studying foreign languages. The following subjects prepare you for this:

  • German 12 hours
  • Social Studies 6 hours
  • History 6 hours
  • German Literature 6 hours
  • English flexible


The G-course is for all those who are interested in studying social and cultural sciences. The following subjects prepare you for this:

  • German 12 hours
  • Social Studies 6 hours
  • History 6 hours
  • German Literature 6 hours
  • English flexible

Course Registration:

Our courses begin twice a year. To participate in our courses, you need to have a B2 level of German.

If required, we will be happy to advise you personally on how you can effectively reach the level of language needed with the help of our learning offer even before the course starts. (request)


Your way to us:

  • You apply with the following documents, which you send either by e-mail or post. (Alpha Aktiv – Private Educational Institute, Hans-Böckler-Straße 2, D-69115, Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Copy of your secondary school diploma (translated into German or English)
  • Proof of your German language skills (B2 level)
  • We will check if you can study at our Studienkolleg immediately.
  • If accepted, you will receive a confirmation that you can start your study preparation at our Studienkolleg and organizational information about your arrival in Heidelberg.
  • Otherwise, based on your situation, we will be happy to advise you on the possible next steps on your way to studying.
  • You arrive in Heidelberg and start your preparation and studies.

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