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How to register for a German course at Alpha Aktiv

Excellent! You have taken the first step towards a new future and decided to sign up for a German course at Alpha Aktiv and become a member!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our school in Heidelberg. To make the registration process easy and hassle-free, here is an explanation of the procedure.


  1. Contact us via email (info@alpha-heidelberg.de) or fill out the contact form at the top of the website to let us know you would like to enroll. If you are not sure about your German level, you are welcome to take our placement test in advance.
  2. We will send you our registration form. Fill it out (by hand or on the computer), and sign it, then send this form back to us by email.
  3. We will prepare your invoice with all costs. If you need to apply for a visa or residence permit for/in Germany, the course fees must be paid in advance.
  4. Transfer the costs to our bank account. You will find the bank account details on the invoice and the email we will send you.
  5. As soon as we receive the payment on our account, we will prepare a confirmation for you to apply for the visa.
  6. Approximately one week before your arrival, please inform us about your planned arrival time if you have booked accommodation with Alpha Aktiv. We will then organize your key transfer.
  7. Have a safe trip to Germany; enjoy your German course with Alpha Aktiv!