What does a German course at Alpha Aktiv cost?

With the help of our cost calculator, you can get non-binding price information about our course and accommodation prices. Just select the desired course and type of accommodation! After choosing the desired number of weeks, you will receive a list of the individual costs, as well as the (non-binding) total price. Contact us if you need information about our additional offers.


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German intensive courses
Preparation courses
Summer youth course
School preparation
Evening courses
Private lessons
Foreign languages

German intensive courses

We have the following courses to choose from:

German Intensive Course 20 h/week
Intensive German Course + One-to-One Tuition 20 + 5 h/week
Intensive German Course + One-to-One Tuition 20 + 10 h/week
Superintensive German Course 25 h/week
Superintensive German + Conversation Course 30 h/week

Preparation courses

We have the following preparation courses to choose from:

TestDaF 10 h/week
DSH 10 h/week
telc B2 10 h/week
telc C1 10 h/week
telc C1 University 10 h/week
Summer youth course 20 h/week + Host family with half board and more
School preparation 20+5 h/week + Host family with half board and more
German evening course 4 h/week

Private lessons

You can choose the following variants:

Level A1 - C2 per/lesson
Exam preparation per/lesson
Special preparation (e.g. math) per/lesson

Foreign languages

We have the following languages to choose from:

English 20 h/week
Business English 20 h/week
Spanish 20 h/week
French 20 h/week
Other languages 20 h/week
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks
- 1   week weeks month months lesson lessons +


You can rent the following accommodations with us:

Single room Central A
Single room Central B
Single room Not central
Double room Central B
Double room Not central
Single apartment central - Bismarckplatz
Double apartment central - Bismarckplatz
Tripple apartment central - Bismarckplatz

Language Exams

You can take the following exams in our test center:

telc german A1
telc german A2
telc german B1
telc german B2
telc german B1-B2 Pflege
telc german B2 Beruf
telc german B2+ Beruf
telc german B2-C1 Medizin
telc german C1
telc german C1 University
  week weeks month months lesson lessons   per/week per/month per/lesson
Registration fee for a course (one time)50

* Deposit variable
  week weeks month months lesson lessons per/week
Accomodation end cleaning100
Registration fee for an exam (one time)25

General information:

Refer to the table below for the course type, duration, and the number of participants in our language courses. Please note that you can save money on various courses if you book a month rather than a week. Offerings are wide-ranging and offer plenty of choices. We will be happy to advise you personally to find the course type perfectly tailored to your requirements!

Prices German Courses Individual/ Intensive/ Superintensive Courses/ German Courses for Teachers

Whether you are just beginning, are already advanced, or even possibly seeking to perfect your existing language skills, we offer you the perfect course type with our course variety.

Courses and prices1-3 weeks4-12 weeks13-24 weeks25+ weeks
Intensive course€ 180€160€ 135€ 125
Superintensive German course (intensive course plus conversation course or specialized language, e.g. law, business, creative writing, German for business), 30 hrs.€ 255---------
DSH-/TestDaF/ telc-course, 20 hrs.€ 195€ 195------
Intensive course plus private lessons, 20+5€ 380€ 365€ 345---
Intensive course plus private lessons, 20+10€ 580€ 565€ 545---

Prices Foreign language courses

English / French / Spanish / other

Foreign languagesPrivate lessonsIntensive course 20 UE / weekEvening course 48 UE / 12 weeks
Englishfrom € 40 / hr.€ 180€ 505
Business Englishfrom € 40 / hr.€ 180

€ 505

Spanishfrom € 40 / hr.€ 180€ 505
Frenchfrom € 40 / hr.€ 180€ 505
Othersfrom € 40 / hr.€ 180€ 505


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