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Alpha Aktiv Tunis

Our branch in Tunisia

We are proud to offer our high-quality language education amidst the cultural diversity and vibrant life of Tunis. Our school in Tunis is not just about learning a language, but also about immersing yourself in a vibrant learning experience that welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds.

Impressions Alpha Aktiv Tunis :

German Courses

Alpha Aktiv Tunis offers the following courses

  • Intensive course A1 – C1
  • Superintensive course A1 – C1
  • Preparation courses B1 – C1
  • Evening courses A1 – C1

The journey from Tunisia to Germany

There is close contact between our schools. When students want to come to Germany after initial German courses in Tunisia, we warmly welcome them to our school in Heidelberg, Germany. Here they continue their courses and can benefit from our support, for example with university applications or applying for a licence to practise in Germany.

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